Solar Power Off-Grid

Solar Panel Install
Solar Panel Install

Here at Solar Concepts, we design and supply high quality off-grid systems tailored to each unique household. We work with you to determine what it is you will be running in your home, to determine how we spec the size and design of your off-grid system. It is paramount to us that not only will you be supplied with a system that more than meets your energy requirements so you do not run out of power but also in providing our clients with a system that will last the test of time.

Solar off-grid systems can be installed and automated to service your home – so you no longer depend on an energy provider and can become independent from the grid. An off-grid system provides the opportunity for independence from power companies, allowing you the freedom to create and store your own energy.

The off-grid solar photovoltaic panel systems use batteries to store the electricity, which is generated from the sun. During sunshine hours, the photovoltaic panels draw on UV light rays from the sun to produce Direct Current (DC) electricity. This energy is wired to a solar controller, which in turn charges the deep cycle batteries.

DC power travels from the batteries to an inverter, which converts the DC battery electricity to usable AC household electricity –to cover your energy requirements.

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