Solar Batteries and Storage

What solar battery is the best fit for my home?

Is it necessary to install a battery in conjunction with your solar system? It completely comes down to your needs & wants! If you experience frequent power outages where you are, a battery would provide the reassurance of power in a power outage. If you also find you’re out during the day and use the majority of your power in the evening, a battery will extend your solar timeframe and give you the ability to draw on the stored power within the battery to use in the evenings.

Even if you are not home during the day, we can still do our best to time appliances to ensure the solar is powering them if you opt not to install a battery right away. Hot water cylinders are able to be timed, along with spas & swimming pools. Dishwashers and washing machines usually come equipped with a delayed start function and this can be a way you ensure you maximise power being used during the day. Even if you don’t opt to install a battery alongside your solar, we will always install a ‘battery ready’ system, so that nothing will need to changed within your system when you do decide to install one.

Here at Solar Concepts, we offer a range of different storage options. We base the size and make of your battery depending on your energy habits and household requirements. The majority of batteries we install and supply are Redback, Huawei, BYD & Tesla. New technology is making batteries a more viable option for grid-connected and off-grid customers, without additional costs and challenges faced in the past.

The battery technology is constantly improving. They now provide more usable power, more recharges and last much longer than conventional led-acid batteries. As advancements continue, batteries are also becoming less expensive. There is no ‘one size fits all’ with the storage options, so get in touch with us to find out what would be the best fit for your home.

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