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Powered by the sun

Harness the sun’s energy to power your home and save – we install solar systems throughout Hawke’s Bay and the Bay of Plenty region. We also offer further sustainability initiatives for your home or business including EV chargers, hot water solutions & sustainability consulting for commercial properties and construction industries.

Solar Concepts are your trusted solar power experts!

When you decide to undertake any energy efficiency project within your home or business, it is important you are given the right information, specific to your requirements.

Here at Solar Concepts, we pride ourselves on our fantastic customer relations. We sit down with you and determine your unique requirements and design our proposal based on this.

It is our highest priority to not only present you with a system that will provide you with the best possible outcome but also something that will fit with the design and aesthetic of your home or business.

Our service does not stop at the sale, we aim to provide the best possible aftercare to all of our clients. We want you to feel supported before, during and for the years following your installation.

Our professional installers are highly qualified, experienced and cover all areas of the Hawke’s Bay, Bay of Plenty, Southern Auckland and Waikato regions. 

Talk to us today and find out how we can help you begin your sustainability journey. 

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How can I fund solar power for my home?

If you have a mortgage with ANZ, Westpac, BNZ or ASB, you are eligible to receive a 0-1% interest loan for up to $40,000 & even up to $80,000 with some! This can be used for solar, EV cars/charging & other household alterations. You can also opt to add solar to your rates here in Hawke’s Bay, to be paid off over 10 years at 6%. 

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Our Solar Process

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We begin with an assessment of yearly power usage to determine the number of solar panels needed.

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Our team of experts come up with a solution tailored to your consumption patterns, so you can make the most of the power your panels produce.

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Qualified professionals will install your panels, and provide education on how to make the most of your solar system.

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Sit back and enjoy the savings and sustainability of your new solar set up.

Savings with your Solar System

Did you know you can save up to 60% on your electricity bill with a ‘battery ready’ system & up to 90% with a battery & solar system? If you own a home and you’re interested in learning more about the benefits a solar set-up could offer – get in touch with us today.

The Solar Concepts team can help you understand orientation and suitability of a solar system for your home and unique requirements.

If your electricity bill is over $200 a month, we can help you make significant savings and your return on investment should be anywhere between 6-10 years!

Learn more about how much you could save.

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Solar Panels Install Hawkes Bay + Bay of Plenty

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